The Necronautics
Artificial intelligence and creativity

How AI influences people, media and companies.

Wednesday, 10.04., 3 pm, Theater 8
Black Forest Innovation & Shorts Film Festival

We will start the second day of the festival, Wednesday, April 10 at 3 pm, with a look at the dynamic development of artificial intelligence and its far-reaching effects on the world of work and media.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) may have a profound impact on creative processes, structures in companies and the way content is created and distributed. Using best practices, we will show what is currently possible, how the technologies are being used and shed light on the regulations that frame these innovations.

At the same time, we will discuss with the speakers and the audience what opportunities and risks this development entails.


The Necronautics
The Necronautics
Hans und rumana

Feature Film by Zaid Ghasib

In the presence of the filmmakers followed by a discussion
Friday, April 12, 4 pm – Theater 8

While two strangers who fell in love with each other struggle with the uncertainty of their relationship, a little girl murders another, a pianist breaks up with his band to pray in front of his audience and someone sees this as an opportunity to get closer to his old love.

The filmmaker will be available for a discussion with the audience after the film.

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